Art and Culture Take Center Stage in The Towers Suites

As New York City art is so deeply ingrained in our culture, it seemed fitting that, second to the incredible city views, art is the focal point of design in The Towers.  We have honored New York City’s dedication to art by incorporating interesting and intriguing pieces into the décor of The Towers Suites.

Working with Nancy Sweeney, Principal of Art Advisory Service, The Palace commissioned an abstract aluminum sculpture from Matt Gil to greet guests in each Towers Executive Suite. Gil explains that the elegant curves of the sculpture offer insight into the world around us, inspired by objects and beings we see every day. The sculpture is entirely unique to The New York Palace, it is a luxury reserved for our guests.

Matt Gil Sculpture

You’ll find more New York City artwork in the living room of The Towers Executive Suite, featuring a piece from Deborah Zlotsky. The print is an installment from the series “Adjacent Possibilities” in which the artist investigates the reality of alternating one’s state of being by deviating from a designated path. Zlotsky explains, “Accidents repeatedly redirect me, blurring my understanding of the difference between accident and intention.” She uses color, shadows and shapes to illustrate this evolutionary experience offering complex possibilities.
Deborah Zlotsky

The experience continues in each of The Towers guestrooms, where contemporary abstract prints offer a vibrant pop of color. Suzanne Ulrich uses a blend of collage and oil painting techniques to investigate the use of lines and shapes through layering and lifting. Her pieces no. 1757 and no. 1760 add a touch of intrigue to the decor. This installment is particularly interesting, marked by Ulrich as “by far my most mature body of work.”

Suzanne Ulrich 1 Suzanne Ulrich 2

Experience the art and culture that makes New York City fabulous from the comfort of one of its most iconic hotels. The New York Palace features carefully selected pieces from a number of contemporary artists in each guestroom and suite. Allow us to enrich your stay in New York City.

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New York City from Our Point of View

The New York Palace is known for its history, convenient Midtown Manhattan location, great customer service, luxurious accommodations, and of course, the endless skyline views. A recent guest and her family created a time lapse video showcasing the amazing view from their Towers guestroom and we think it’s fantastic. We love inspiring our guests’ creativity!

Fun fact: The Original General Electric building can only be seen at this particular angle from The New York Palace Towers rooms and suites. The building has rich architectural history. The stylized Gothic tower makes a classic Art Deco visual statement through elaborate decoration such as lightning bolts representing the power of electricity. The highly detailed crown of the building is reminiscent of radio waves and electricity, which is lit during the night, making it one of the most recognizable and iconic buildings in New York City.

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The Best of the Outer Boroughs – Step Outside Manhattan

Manhattan may be the first to come to mind whenever people say, “New York City,” but the truth is that NYC’s outer boroughs are overflowing with incredible attractions and activities just waiting to be discovered. We want our guests to enjoy all that New York City has to offer during their stay, so we’ve compiled a list of the best of the outer boroughs.

The Bronx:

Head to New York City’s most northern borough to get up close and personal with fascinating wildlife and experience a true taste of Italy! Begin your day by traveling the world and meeting animals from every corner of the globe at the Bronx Zoo. The Congo Gorilla Forest is the closest you’ll come to experiencing Gorillas in their natural habitat and the Wild Asia Monorail will introduce you to creatures from all over the continent. Insider tip – admission is free on Wednesday’s, but a donation to support wildlife conservation is always appreciated. After traveling the world, you’re sure to have built up an appetite so, we have a recommendation for you. You may have heard of Manhattan’s Little Italy, but Arthur Avenue in The Bronx is the place to be for authentic Italian cuisine. Visit the area’s markets and butchers or one of many family-owned restaurants, order a glass of wine and enjoy a gourmet Italian meal, “Salute!”


Be a star for the day and tour a famous television studio before breaking off for drinks outside on a gorgeous summer day. Your day in Queens begins with a tour of the renowned Silver Cup Studios. You may not know it, but you’ve definitely seen this studio before! Silver Cup has hosted a multitude of television and movie shoots including White Collar starring Matt Bomer, Sex and the City starring Sarah Jessica Parker, 30 Rock starring Tina Fey and many more. After your tour, stop by the oldest beer garden in New York City, Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden. The outdoor space is the perfect place to enjoy refreshing craft and German beers with family and friends, “Prost! – ein Toast!”


Everyone always talks about Central Park, but have you ever experienced the serenity and beauty of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park? No matter your age, you’ll enjoy a ride on the historic carousel.  The animals were carved in 1912 and are among the most beautiful in the city. Lefferts Historic House, a quaint little home transporting visitors back to Flatbush’s 18th Century farming Village, is another can’t miss attraction. The park is also brimming with lush greenery and beautiful flowers, but for the best flora in the borough you must visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Take a walk through the Japanese Hill and Pond Garden or enjoy luscious and savory scents in the herb garden. The Rose Garden offers both beauty and history, as some of the rose bushes date back to 1927. You simply won’t find a more pleasant or serene experience anywhere else in Brooklyn.

Staten Island:

Head downtown to the Whitehall Terminal Manhattan to take a free ride on the Staten Island Ferry. The ride across the Hudson River and Upper Bay is just 25 minutes each way and offers amazing views of the Manhattan skyline and even the Statue of Liberty. For a truly magical experience, we recommend boarding just before sunrise or sunset to enjoy the beautiful colors of the sun peeking over the horizon. When in Staten Island, stop in Goodfellas Pizzeria for their award-winning Tequila Pizza which won “World’s Best Pizza” at the International Pizza Expo in 2012.

New York City is so much more than just Manhattan. As much as we love The New York Palace’s home borough, it just wouldn’t be fair to keep all of these amazing attractions a secret from our guests. Don’t be a typical New York City tourist–venture to the outer boroughs, a new realm of possibilities is waiting.

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