Caution: This is NOT Your Grandma’s Lemonade

Carmichael's Citrus Bomb Side Angle        Carmichael Citrus Bomb

Savor summer in a glass with a new citrusy cocktail at The New York Palace. Tavern on 51 and Trouble’s Trust feature some of the most innovative cocktails in NYC and Carmichael’s Citrus Bomb is among the best concoctions yet!

Tangy, sweet and satisfyingly strong, Carmichael’s Citrus Bomb is certainly among the best cocktails in Manhattan. Begin by picking your poison as the Citrus Bomb can be made with your choice of Vodka, Gin or Tequila. Next we’ll add scintillating citrus elements including our house made blend of fresh-squeezed lemon juice, orange juice and pineapple juice. As we don’t want your lips to pucker, your drink is finished with a touch of sugar, a splash of Lemon Verbena Tea and garnished with a candied lemon wedge on the rim. This refreshing blend of sour and sweet is certain to inspire another round.

Carmichael’s Citrus Bomb is a testament to the fact that The Palace’s mixologists will never disappoint when seeking the best cocktails in New York. Come and toast to the final weeks of summer with us, you’ll be so glad you did.

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Art and Culture Take Center Stage in The Towers Suites

As New York City art is so deeply ingrained in our culture, it seemed fitting that, second to the incredible city views, art is the focal point of design in The Towers.  We have honored New York City’s dedication to art by incorporating interesting and intriguing pieces into the décor of The Towers Suites.

Working with Nancy Sweeney, Principal of Art Advisory Service, The Palace commissioned an abstract aluminum sculpture from Matt Gil to greet guests in each Towers Executive Suite. Gil explains that the elegant curves of the sculpture offer insight into the world around us, inspired by objects and beings we see every day. The sculpture is entirely unique to The New York Palace, it is a luxury reserved for our guests.

Matt Gil Sculpture

You’ll find more New York City artwork in the living room of The Towers Executive Suite, featuring a piece from Deborah Zlotsky. The print is an installment from the series “Adjacent Possibilities” in which the artist investigates the reality of alternating one’s state of being by deviating from a designated path. Zlotsky explains, “Accidents repeatedly redirect me, blurring my understanding of the difference between accident and intention.” She uses color, shadows and shapes to illustrate this evolutionary experience offering complex possibilities.
Deborah Zlotsky

The experience continues in each of The Towers guestrooms, where contemporary abstract prints offer a vibrant pop of color. Suzanne Ulrich uses a blend of collage and oil painting techniques to investigate the use of lines and shapes through layering and lifting. Her pieces no. 1757 and no. 1760 add a touch of intrigue to the decor. This installment is particularly interesting, marked by Ulrich as “by far my most mature body of work.”

Suzanne Ulrich 1 Suzanne Ulrich 2

Experience the art and culture that makes New York City fabulous from the comfort of one of its most iconic hotels. The New York Palace features carefully selected pieces from a number of contemporary artists in each guestroom and suite. Allow us to enrich your stay in New York City.

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New York City from Our Point of View

The New York Palace is known for its history, convenient Midtown Manhattan location, great customer service, luxurious accommodations, and of course, the endless skyline views. A recent guest and her family created a time lapse video showcasing the amazing view from their Towers guestroom and we think it’s fantastic. We love inspiring our guests’ creativity!

Fun fact: The Original General Electric building can only be seen at this particular angle from The New York Palace Towers rooms and suites. The building has rich architectural history. The stylized Gothic tower makes a classic Art Deco visual statement through elaborate decoration such as lightning bolts representing the power of electricity. The highly detailed crown of the building is reminiscent of radio waves and electricity, which is lit during the night, making it one of the most recognizable and iconic buildings in New York City.

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